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If your Medicare & Social Security questions have left you Curious, Baffled, Frustrated and/or Confused we have put together some questions and answers for you when the time comes for answers.

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This source was specifically created to help you with your questions and concerns about Medicare & Social Security, here in The Great State of Idaho, so that you can approach your Life and your Business as Usual.                      

We want to help you sail through all the calls, mail, email, texts and TV commercials you’re getting, without the fear that you may miss something. I am sure you've heard Get what you deserve.’ or Do you qualify?’ Get Money back into your Social Security check every month’  etc.    Well... Those phrases are designed to confuse you and cause you to question things, and then to get you to contact them so they can either sell you a plan, change your plan to theirs, or sell your name as a lead to who knows who.
                              Have you had a Medicare, Senior Health spam call lately?
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FYI, There is no cost to you to have a local agent and it benefits you by getting the information you need for your specific area in Idaho.    

*Medicare Plans and Benefits can change depending on where you live in Idaho.

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